Online dating

Where do I begin? I loaded a profile on a site and paid for a one month trial. I actually was immediately bombarded with messages. And it became very clear from the get go, most men had not read my profile close enough. they just looked at my three or four pictures and messaged me.

Actually I really didn’t know what kind of man I was even interested in. I did know however I did not want to end up with a man similar to my soon to be ex husband. He actually ended up on the same site and sent me winks I ended up blocking him. I mean I clearly declined all options of making the marriage work I sure as heck didn’t want to date him. So for that month I met and chatted with men. It felt weird at first to flirt and chat and meet different men. I was even criticized for doing online dating. I did know of many friends who had success online dating so I thought what the heck.

In my year or so of on and off again online dating, I learned a few things about my self. One, I didn’t want to be alone. I rather like that I found my true love online, or rather he found me!😍
The second thing….some people online lie, and can be deceiving. Like the man I met one time, who did not match his online profile picture. Turns out the picture was of him in his early twenties and he was rather large in his forties. Or the man I met who at the time was separated as I was. I thought it would be nice to date someone in the same situation, being separated and all. The whole date all he talked about was how his wife took everything, and he was working to hide his assets so she wouldn’t get all his money. Yeah he never got a second date, gee I wonder why?

Long story short, had I not tried online dating I wouldn’t have met my Steve! He is so amazing and he’s all mine! There are something s I wish I could change about the last two years, but I can’t. I made mistakes, hurt people. I am not proud of those things. However I have since made most regrets right, with apologies. I have not remained friends with any men I met online, I gave that all up when Steve came into my life! Would I recommend online dating?

Absolutely yes! Just know that you will have to weed through a few toads to find your king! Most importantly, have fun with it and be yourself!!!!😊


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